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Wix Talks Podcast | Season 1 - Episode 3 | Talking Real Estate with Stephanie Miller


Hello Everyone, 

Tonight, we are lucky enough to introduce a special guest for our third Wix Talks podcast.

Today, we are featuring Stephanie Miller. This lady has a special talent of connecting people to the digital world. She has techniques that allow people to market themselves properly. Her in particular niche involves real estate. She has a real unique ability to help homeowners or relators successfully market their properties.  

In our third episode, Stephanie provides some excellent content relating to Wix. She explains how she got into her current market and gives people some excellent tips to have a unique competitive advantage in the housing market. Above all, she provides our amazing community information about how she uses Wix and how it has impacted her life.

Like always, our podcast is dedicated to provide extreme value to the Wix community and help you learn to master Wix. With that, this podcast is "by the community, for the community."

What are you waiting for? Click the podcast below and listen to Stephanie Miller's journey through Wix while picking up brilliant pieces of information along the way. 

For anyone having trouble viewing it on mobile, click here to listen:

Wix Talks Podcast - Wix Real Estate Websites

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